Friday, 31 May 2013

Kullu / Manikaran / Kasol

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The most wonderful and wonderful Kulu place propagates out its appeal on either part of stream Beas. The place operates northern to southern of this stream and is 80kms. long and about 2kms. at its largest. Yet with awe motivating glens and mossy mdw surrounded by the hurrying sources and winding streams, flung eastern & western, a pretty extensive place is start to the visitors, the trekkers, the mountaineers, the performers and to anyone who desires to evade the warm & dirt of the flatlands to take in the thrilling air of the Himalaya and relish the scene of the variegated hill landscapes. The place is also popular for its wonderfully weaved vibrant side crafted shawls and kullu hats.


Manikaran (1700 m), 45kms. from Kulu and just 3kms. from Kasol, is popular for its hot rises. Many people take a sacred dip in hot rich waters here. The water is so hot that dal, grain & vegetables etc. can be prepared in it. It is also a well known pilgrimage position for both Hindus & Sikhs. Ramchandra and Shivaji wats or temples besides a Gurudwara are there. According to an old tale, Manikaran is linked with Master Shiva and his heavenly consort, Parvati, who missing her ear jewelry here, which delivered hot rich waters on the lender of Parvati stream. Listening to this spiritual belief from the clergymen will be more fulfilling and exciting.

Situated on the lender of Paravati stream, Kasol creates a good vacation location. 42kms. from Kulu, charmingly situated on an place which hills down to the extensive field of obvious pristine at the Parvati stream. The position is well known for fish sportfishing.

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