Friday, 31 May 2013

Rohtang Pass / Solang Valley

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Rohtang Successfully pass, 51 kms from Manali. Situated at a size of 3980 m, the Successfully pass once provided as a essential business path, and still continues to be the entrance to the regions of Lahaul and Spiti.The Successfully pass is start from July to Nov each season, and provides amazing opinions of the whole environment. Just beyond the Successfully pass is the Sonapani Glacier and the double optimum of Gaypan. The Beas Kund, the resource of the Beas stream, a sacred website for Hindus, as the sage Vyas is said to have meditated at this identify, is also available from the Rohtang Successfully pass.


Solang Valley
Solang Nullah is in a part area at the top of the Kullu area. It is the website of Manali’s ski university and, once the snowfall has gone, all the regional paragliding 'schools'. Phatru is a extreme, bumpy experience above Solang Nullah, experiencing approximately eastern. Take-off is about one hour’s go up above the ski university. There is no top getting, but outstanding base getting near the university or in the areas above Solang town on lack of of the stream. From 10am until 1pm or so there are many outstanding heat resources. In manufactured the sun is often invisible by reasoning developing on the greater hills behind and it can get difficult as soon as it is out of immediate sun. In a stunning establishing this has outstanding ski extreme and eat outside areas. HPTDC organises ski offers during wintertime season. Around 14 kms from Manali, is the Solang area, that features of the glacier closest to the accommodation. Stuffed with fantastic eat outside - areas, the awesome ski hills here are complete of stressful action, come Jan - Feb.

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